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The lady in the shadow…who is Joan Bloom?


I look forward to getting older. I believe in all those pro-aging proverbs like “I’m like a fine wine. I get better with age,” and “The best is yet to come.” I’m enthusiastic about growing older because of the wisdom I will finally obtain… Joan

The gorgeous 60-something year old is still a bomb-shell. Besides her nautral beauty, her confidence and spirit are things that can’t be bought at a price or injected into the skin.

We’re all works of art in progress. I have realized that I do not desire the typical. My dream is to explore new wonders, to travel, fall in and out of love until I can’t get up, dine, drink and overdose on discovery. -Joan

Joan Bloom has not missed a single Paris couture show in more than four decades. Her favourite designers include Alexander McQueen and John Galliano. Her style reflects in her choice of transport… zooting around town in her vintage 1978 Mercedes-Benz 450SL –in Valentino Red, of course!

Joan experiences life on a grand scale. She manages to fit in regular trips to Europe for fashion and design shows, parties and sun-bathing. Her (extravagant) lifestyle is funded by some very wise (read ‘lucrative’) liaisons and one enduring marriage.



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